The Gentlemen's Promise - Calgary

Take a look at these amazing member benefits!

The Gentlemen's Promise is an exclusive membership service club in Calgary. We offer it to people like you, who really love their home and want to protect it from unexpected furnace, plumbing and electrical breakdowns. The Gentlemen's Promise provides heating, plumbing and electrical security for your home!

$1300 in FREE service!

As a member of The Gentlemen's Promise, you are entitled to one of our certified service technicians to conduct a thorough plumbing and heating system inspection every 12 months, and every 24 months for your electrical system.... A $1300 value, FREE exclusive only to our valued members!

Some of the systems you can expect us to test

  • Complete check up and test of all furnace components
  • CO Detector function test
  • Inspection of air filtration system
  • All toilets are checked and tested for leaks and smooth operation. Any adjustments are FREE during the inspection
  • All faucets are tested and must pass a rigid “Performance Test”. Any adjustments are FREE during the inspection
  • All exposed water lines are checked for leaks and wear and tear
  • All drains are checked above and below sinks for leaks and signs of blockages
  • Camera inspection of the main drain line where accessible
  • Washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly checked and tested
  • Water heater is checked for safety, leaks and signs of corrosion
  • Surge Protection Inspection
  • Electrical panel inspection
  • Safety and function check of all plugs receptacles and light switches

Unmaintained plumbing heating and electrical systems are often a major cause of unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs.Being proactive in home system maintenance keeps your system in proper working order which provides peace of mind, and saves you money. Our professionals are dedicated to educating you on your system, we welcome your questions!

Front Of The Line!

As a member of The Gentlemen's Promise, you’ll go to the front of the line and to the top of our appointment book when you need us for any plumbing heating or electrical emergency. We are there for you as a priority service!

More Discounts & Warranties

As a member of The Gentlemen's Promise, you get 15% discount on all repairs. On top of our industry leading five year parts and labour warranty, we will add an additional year of coverage on virtually all repairs and replacements at no additional cost. That's a significant savings and the best warranty in the business! No other professional home service company offers you this kind of benefit. We promise!

Membership is FREE

Your membership is only $19.95 per month. Whether your furnace is brand new or 15 years old, there will come a time when you will want to replace it. When that time comes, we apply what you have paid in monthly dues and credit the entire amount toward the replacement of your new furnace. In other words, your membership and all the benefits you are entitled to, cost you nothing.

Don’t delay, give us a call NOW at (587) 333-0705 to book your subscription!

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  • If you move within our service area, you may transfer your club membership to your new home.
  • If you sell your home, you may transfer your club membership to the new owner.