Hazards of Leaky Pipes

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Hazards of Leaky Pipes

Most find leaking pipes to be nuisance. Though, too often, that’s where the concern ends for some homeowners. Sometimes leaky pipes are considered only a small problem that can be ignored until further damage warrants a larger job. What many fail to realise, however, is that leaky pipes can cause significantly greater problems.

1) Mould

Leaks – whether visible or hidden within the walls of your home – can promote growth of moulds and other fungus. These growths spread and produce spores. Even if you’re not allergic to moulds, they are dangerous to your health.

2) Structural Damage

Though water is extremely useful, if it is left to leak or flow freely outside of your home’s plumbing systems, it can cause serious structural damage to your property. Leaks can warp walls and floorboards, and even cause dangerous damage to electrical systems if you’re very unlucky.

3) Water Bills

Even if a leak in your home isn’t causing immediate growth or damage problems, the wasted water will affect your monthly water bill. Depending on the size and rate of your leak, you could be wasting 10% or more of your water expenses.

Professional pipe maintenance can help prevent these problems if detected properly and repaired early. While some leaks are easy to locate and fix by yourself, many are harder to find and more complicated to repair. We recommend that in addition to your regular personal inspections, a professional plumber make a detailed inspection to ensure that your systems are all functioning properly.

If we can be of service in leak detection or repair, don’t hesitate to call us 24/7.