Kitchen Sink Maintenance

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If your kitchen sink is suffering from damage ora severe clog, our Calgary plumbing experts can repair it with no trouble. But why not prevent a plumbing problem in the first place? Try the following kitchen plumbing tips for good sink maintenance habits.

Scrub the Sink: Clean the sink’s surface with a powdered bleach cleanser or baking soda. Scrub with a sponge or rough cloth. Give special attention to the faucet and rim of the sink basin where mineral deposits and food may build up.

Clean the Faucet Aerator: The aerator is located on the tip of your faucet. As the aerator accumulates sediment and minerals, the water flow will start to be affected. Unscrew all the aerator parts from the faucet and clean them in vinegar. If needed, you can replace the aerator for a very low cost.

Clean the Dishwasher Air Gap: The top of the air gap is a cylindrical metal piece located right next to your faucet. Check that the cylindrical piece is always tight and clean. If the air gap becomes loose or starts to leak, then water from the dishwasher can quickly spread over or below the sink.

Keep the Drain Clear: No matter what, don’t put grease down your drain. If you don’t have a disposal, be sure to dump all your food into the garbage. If you do have a disposal, make sure you run the faucet water when the disposal is running, and don’t put stringy or starchy foods down the disposal.

With these kitchen plumbing tips your sink should last much longer before needing the expertise of a Calgary plumbing company. Give The Gentlemen Plumbers a call if you have any questions or need assistance.