The Shaw Centre’s Toilet Bubble

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The Shaw Centre’s Toilet Bubble

The Shaw Centre – formerly the Ottawa Convention Centre – was opened in 2011 to replace the Ottawa Congress Centre. Its ‘space age’ design sets it apart from other convention centres around the world, but the ultimate question is: how are its washrooms?

Built inside a ‘bubble’ within the centre itself, the entrance to the facilities is doorless, instead curving inwards to prevent sounds and odours alike from bothering patrons outside the bubble.

While the washrooms feature modern interiors as expected of a facility such as a new convention centre, the washrooms in The Shaw Centre’s true claim-to-fame is how eco-friendly they are. The centre utilizes an underground rain-water cistern that reduces water usage by 70%.

So the next time you find yourself in Ottawa for a convention, don’t forget to check out the toilet bubble!